Sooo… Yeah Friday, Sep 20 2013 

So I keep saying I’m going to post more regularly… and I keep not doing it… because important milestones in my life keep happening. Yeah, it may be a bit of a drag to my one or less readers, but they are more important to me than anything in this world. Here is the brief summary:

1.) There is now a Mrs. DWH! How awesome is that!!??!! Forgive me yet? No? How about:

2.) There is also now a DWH Jr.!!!!!!!!!! The most amazing, important, and wonderful thing I (we) have ever done right! He’s a week old now and I could not ask for a better son.


What have I missed? A whole slew of atrocities committed by “our” government. Obamacare is good enough for us but not good enough for them or, as it happens, our economy. More mas shootings in gun free zones, Chicago is still number one but they’re down murders are down from last year. You are still number one, just not as much number one as you were. That’s something to be proud of ain’t it? Here’s a hint. NO!!!


I had an interest in the past about the wrong direction our country has been moving in because I was concerned about how I (and my wife) would be affected in later years. Now I have my son’s entire life to worry about. You can bet I will be involved. You can bet I will be attentive (in between diaper changes), and reactive to the things our imperial leader is issuing forth. You can bet that I will be hammering the Establishment Republican Base at the same time. The “Hollywood For Ugly People” needs a new casting director, and I am willing to be a part of that. Are you? Will you do what it takes to better this country? Not for me, my family, or my son. But for you, your family, and your child. What we do today, right now, this very minute, this very second, is what counts. Everyday.


Let our children learn about freedom through their own experiences, not in history books.


Disavowed With Honor

The pen is mightier than the… Wednesday, Feb 20 2013 

no it isn’t. Unfortunately Colorado Senator Jesse Ulibarri obviously thinks they are. Obviously I think he’s a dumbass. A pen would be as effective against rape as the laws that are already in place. Oh wait… only law abiding citizens don’t rape people? Imagine that! I bet Jesse just wants you to have a pen handy after he rapes you (figurative?) so he can be prepared to sign autographs. I’m not a Colorado resident. Nor will I ever be. But I propose this:

Everyone send Jesse a pack of ink pens with a note explaining how gun owners are as concerned for his safety as they are their own. After all, he’s a human being too. A dumbass, but a human being none-the-less. I’ll be sending him a pack of Skillcraft pens this week.

His office address is:

Senator Jesse Ulibarri

200 E. Colfax Avenue, Room 339
Denver CO 80205

Just one last note to Jesse… Mr. Senator, stop being a dick. Granted it’s not required to commit rape in any form, but just stop being a dick.


All due respect (which ain’t much),


Disavowed With Honor

What media Bias??? Tuesday, Feb 5 2013 

Linoge, over at Walls of the City, looks at Bill Stevens, a Newtown resident who has a daughter who survived the massacre there. But you won’t hear his story in the mainstream media. You won’t hear his logical input on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, BSNBC. You won’t hear his talking points being voiced to the POTUS or his regime administration. You won’t know that he, despite the serious emotional involvement, can stand up and apply common sense to this atrocity and others like it. You can’t possibly know that he can see clearly that infringing upon our inalienable rights won’t do one single solitary lick of good or prevent one single unprovoked act of violence. In fact, the only thing you will learn is infringing on his rights, their rights, YOUR rights will only serve to increase the likelihood of that event being repeated with perhaps more atrocity.

Mr. Stevens,

A heart-felt thank you for standing your ground, defending the Constitution, representing the majority of Patriots, and pointing out that our children and everyone else deserve, and have the right to the same protection our elected officials and their families receive. Thank you for pointing out that this is but one example that shows our elected officials refuse to practise what they preach because they’re too busy looking for ways to apply the rules to the peasantry without having to follow the rules themselves. Thank you for your courage and your voice. You were heard. We are listening. Stay the course!

God bless you and Victoria,


Disavowed With Honor

h/t Linoge!

Tennessee HCP Stats: Winning!!! Saturday, Mar 10 2012 

Over at Legally Armed they posted how many Handgun Carry Permits have been issued and held in each of the 95 Counties in the State of Tennessee. They posted these in ranking (raw number of permits held). I decided to expand on that a little and compare the number of permits per county and what percentage that represents per county based on the 2010 Census of each county. One mathmatical consideration: This does not take into account any criminal population, minor child population, or other variable so the percentage for “Eligible Permit Holders” would be a little higher. 

Well… Here it is:


SHELBY 44,857 927,644 5%
KNOX 22,706 432,226 5%
DAVIDSON 21,704 626,681 3%
HAMILTON 15,038 336,463 4%
RUTHERFORD 12,695 262,604 5%
WILLIAMSON 9,290 183,182 5%
SUMNER 9,223 160,645 6%
SULLIVAN 9,219 156,823 6%
WILSON 8,410 113,993 7%
BLOUNT 8,314 123,010 7%
MONTGOMERY 7,718 172,331 4%
WASHINGTON 6,976 122,979 6%
MADISON 5,830 98,294 6%
BRADLEY 5,566 98,963 6%
SEVIER 5,494 89,889 6%
ANDERSON 5,422 75,129 7%
MAURY 4,911 80,956 6%
TIPTON 4,580 61,081 7%
ROBERTSON 4,550 66,283 7%
ROANE 4,503 54,181 8%
PUTNAM 4,335 72,321 6%
GREENE 4,234 68,831 6%
CUMBRLAND 3,973 56,053 7%
HAWKINS 3,945 56,833 7%
HAMBLEN 3,831 62,544 6%
FAYETTE 3,674 38,413 10%
McMINN 3,668 52,266 7%
LOUDON 3,559 48,556 7%
JEFFERSON 3,298 51,722 6%
CARTER 3,126 57,424 5%
DICKSON 3,072 49,666 6%
COFFEE 3,058 52,796 6%
GIBSON 2,958 49,683 6%
MONROE 2,772 44,519 6%
CHEATHAM 2,648 39,105 7%
CAMPBELL 2,587 40,716 6%
WARREN 2,263 39,839 6%
BEDFORD 2,249 45,058 5%
FRANKLIN 2,177 41,052 5%
CLAIBORNE 2,154 32,213 7%
LAWRENCE 2,140 41,869 5%
COCKE 2,058 35,662 6%
HARDIN  1,897 26,026 7%
HENRY 1,887 32,330 6%
RHEA 1,804 31,809 6%
WHITE 1,797 25,841 7%
OBION 1,776 31,807 6%
HENDERSON 1,736 27,769 6%
GRAINGER 1,694 22,657 7%
LINCOLN 1,693 33,361 5%
DYER 1,680 38,335 4%
GILES 1,602 29,485 5%
CARROLL 1,595 28,522 6%
DeKALB 1,574 18,723 8%
WEAKLEY 1,562 35,021 4%
McNAIRY 1,491 26,075 6%
MARSHALL 1,490 30,617 5%
LAUDERDALE 1,340 27,815 5%
MORGAN 1,328 21,987 6%
UNION 1,317 19,109 7%
UNICOI 1,304 18,313 7%
HICKMAN 1,275 24,690 5%
MARION 1,264 28,237 4%
HUMPHREYS 1,262 18,538 7%
FENTRESS 1,240 17,959 7%
SCOTT 1,225 22,228 6%
CHESTER 1,170 17,131 7%
OVERTON 1,167 22,083 5%
HARDEMAN 1,154 27,253 4%
BENTON 1,101 16,489 7%
MACON 1,008 22,248 5%
SMITH 1,005 19,166 5%
POLK 1,000 16,825 6%
CANNON 991 13,801 7%
SEQUATCHIE 969 14,112 7%
CROCKETT 933 14,586 6%
HAYWOOD 901 18,787 5%
STEWART 859 13,324 6%
MEIGS 817 11,753 7%
BLEDSOE 803 12,876 6%
DECATUR 787 11,757 7%
JOHNSON 779 18, 244 4%
WAYNE 778 17,021 5%
GRUNDY 775 13,703 6%
LEWIS  705 12,161 6%
JACKSON 656 11,638 6%
PERRY 629 7,915 8%
MOORE 505 6,362 8%
HOUSTON 498 8,426 6%
TROUSDALE 408 7,259 6%
VAN BUREN 362 5,548 7%
HANCOCK 356 6,819 5%
PICKETT 352 5,077 7%
CLAY 342 7,861 4%
LAKE 282 7,832 4%

Our winner by percentage is Fayette County with 10% of their population being armed!!! Outstanding job to you country folk out there for observing your Constitutional Rights!

Our Loser is Metropolitan Nashville/Davidson County. Yes, our State Capital is rock bottom at 3%.

The statewide average comes out to (rounded up) 6% which places Davidson County at one half of the state average and Fayette at almost DOUBLE the state average!

While it is fairly obvious that the more densely populated counties have high HCP issuances, it is very nice to see a fairly good spread among one county and its neighboring counties. Even on a regional level (East/Middle/West) there is a fair amount of consistancy. I will leave the rest to more statistical minds to determine growth by county, and other details that would be great to see.

Hope this was an interesting read and that you enjoyed it and H/T to Legally Armed for the raw data!

Carry your gun, get your permit, and like my Dad always said, “Be nice” because a winner should always be nice. It shows good sportsmanship!!!


Disavowed With Honor

What Brady Thinks of Your Rights… Saturday, Feb 18 2012 

First, I apologize for using the words “Brady” and “Think” in the same sentence. I know these two words create a logical discourse.

The Brady Campaign has posted their 2012 scores for each of the 50 states (excluding DC) for “proper” gun laws for each state. The higher the score, the better for those who would subvert your rights under the US Constitution. For us the lower the score, the more we may observe our Constitutional Rights without fear of the heel of Big Brother’s Jack Boot kicking us in the head. I was honestly a little disappointed to see that Tennessee actually scored an 8. Yes, it’s a low number but it should be zero. Then again, that is also it’s own testament to our state’s politicians. We have a Republican controlled House AND Senate, along with a Republican Governor. Many of which ran with a conservative base. Did I mention they are politicians?

Something worth mentioning here is that California only scored an 81. That’s right, a high number, but think about how much the average California citizen’s Rights are subverted. Think about that for a minute…. Now that you’ve recovered from that cold chill running down your spine and that gut wrenching feeling similar to when your significant other told you “We need to talk”… The Brady folks think that level of subversion is only 81% from where they want it to be. What they want is total control via total dependency because they think they know what is best for you and they think you are too stupid to be burdened with making those decisions on your own. Looking at it from this logical perspective, the State of Tennessee is 92% away from total control and government dependency (whew). However, that perspective would also conclude that California is only 19% away from total control and government dependency.

This is all based on a scale which “works” as follows:

Curb Firearm Trafficking (Maximum 35 Points)

Gun Dealer Regulations (Maximum 12 Points)

  • State license required 2
  • Record keeping and retention 2
  • Report records to the state, and state retains records 2
  • Mandatory theft reporting of all firearms 2
  • At least 1 store security precaution required 2
  • Inspections by police allowed 2

Limit Bulk Purchases (Maximum 5 Points)

  • One handgun per month, no exceptions 5
  • OR One handgun per month, 1 or more exception 3

Record Retention (Maximum 5 Points)

  • All Firearms 5
  • OR Handguns Only 4

Crime Gun Identification (Maximum 10 Points)

  • Ballistic Fingerprinting 5
  • Require microstamping on semi-auto handguns 5

Report Lost/Stolen Guns (Maximum 3 Points)

  • Mandatory reporting by firearm owners 3

Strengthen Brady Background Checks (Maximum 40 Points)

Background checks on all gun sales (Maximum 17 Points)

  • All Firearms (includes gun shows) 17
  • OR Handguns Only (includes gun shows) 10
  • Closed Gun Show Loophole 7
  • OR Background checks on long guns at gun shows 5

Permit to Purchase (Maximum 21 Points)

  • All firearms 3
  • Safety training/testing required 3
  • License to possess 3
  • Extend three-day limit for background checks 3
  • Permit required for ammunition purposes 3
  • Fingerprinting required 3
  • Permit process involves law enforcement 3

Ammunition Regulations (Maximum 2 Points)

  • Ammunition Purchaser Records Kept/Vendor License Required 2

Ban Assault Weapons (Maximum 10 Points)

Assault Weapons Ban (Maximum 5 Points)

  • 1-feature test 5
  • OR 2-feature test 3
  • OR 2-feature test on assault pistols only 1

Large Capacity Magazine Ban (Maximum 5 Points)

  • More than 10 rounds 5
  • OR More than 15 rounds 3

Child Safety (Maximum 7 Points)

Child Safety Locks (Maximum 5 Points)

  • Integrated locks sold on all handguns (Childproof) 5
  • OR External locks sold with all handguns 3
  • Standards on all external locks 1

Child Access Prevention (Maximum 2 Points)

  • Ages 16/17 and under 2
  • OR Ages 14/15 and under 1

Guns in Public Places and Local Control (Maximum 8 Points)

No Guns in Workplace (Maximum 2 Points)

  • Employers not forced to allow firearms in parking lots 2

No Guns on College Campuses (Maximum 2 Points)

  • Colleges are not forced to allow firearms on campus 2

Not A CCW Shall Issue State (Maximum 2 Points)

  • Law enforcement discretion when issuing CCW permits 2

No State Preemption (Maximum 2 Points)

  • Local control of firearm regulation 2
  • OR Some local control of regulations 1

Extra Credit/Demerit

Extra Credit (2 Points)

  • Disarm Prohibited Handgun Possessors 2


  • Gag Rule on Doctors (-2 Points) -2
  • No permit required for CCW (-2 Points) -2

So they are perfectly willing to show us that they have their own personal interest in subverting the Constitutional Rights of citizens on a national scale. They are showing you a scoring system that indicates where and how they feel they have made progress in determining what is best for you without considering “you” in the process because you are too stupid to know what is good for you. It’s evident in their language (certainly not in their logic) how they wish to tilt the scales in favor of the criminal in order to prevent ever having to light a candle for one of them ever again because, of course, you are too stupid to matter. You don’t understand that protecting yourself, family, and others is just mean and wrong. You don’t know what’s good for you because the intellectual elite say so despite all of the facts that are contrary to what they know to be true. See for yourself:

Curb Firearm Trafficking (Maximum 35 Points) does not say “Curb CRIMINAL Firearm trafficking”. The “Gun Dealer Regulations” category implies that a dealer should be required to obtain a license to sell a gun to someone. However, no license is required for other objects which are as likely to harm or kill someone when used illegally or with negligence. Unconstitutional. Reporting records to the state? Why? The state government or federal government has no grounds here. This is merely a way for them to subvert anyones Rights to be “secure in their papers” under the 6th Amendment. No one should be required to turn over ANY documentation involved in their business or personal lives for ANY reason without probable cause that they are committing a crime. Unconstitutional. Mandatory reporting of theft of a firearm? If you don’t like it, and you don’t care if someone else took it then you should have discretion about reporting it. Police have discretion about prosecuting a crime and so does the district attorney’s office, so why should a citizen be any different? Like them, only better. Unconstitutional. Requiring at least one security precaution? Yeah, simple, if they’re acting weird or give some indication that they’re gonna do something bad… then don’t sell them a firearm, or a car, or a knife, or a baseball bat, or a cookie. You get the point. Unconstitutional. Inspections by police??!!?? Are you nuts! Firstly let’s go back to the 6th Amendment. It’s none of their damn business unless I am breaking the law or I have given sufficient probable cause. The police can inspect my gun after I have had the unfortunate occasion to use it to protect myself, family, or someone else. Otherwise… Unconstitutional. Limiting bulk purchases… because two is bulk in a month, right? It’s no ones business but mine if I wish to buy one firearm or 100 firearms in a month unless there is probable cause as defined in the 6th Amendment. Again, unconstitutional. Crime gun identification such as ballistic fingerprinting and microstamping…. doesn’t work, is very expensive to all parties involved, and isn’t necessary. While it isn’t unconstitutional as I see it, it IS ineffective and inefficient.

The Section “Strengthen Brady Background Checks (Maximum 40 Points)”  has one small hint of merit. Before you go and get your stuff all bunched up finish reading. I like background checks for all firearms sales excluding person to person sales. It is a way to do our part to keep firearms out of the hands of felons. That is to say it prevents felons from acquiring a firearm in any additional way than the illegal means in which they currently obtain them. That’s the only merit. If you want to buy a firearm, then you do a background check to make sure you’re not a felon. If you are, you can go to jail for the attempt. If not, then great AND THEN THE PAPERWORK IS NOT REQUIRED TO BE MAINTAINED IN THE INTEREST OF GOVERNMENT SNOOPING. Regarding person to person sales. I, personally, require a background check be conducted if I sell a gun to someone I don’t know. It’s for my piece of mind. I don’t, however, think that the government should regulate piece of mind. That is a moral obligation. Having said that, it still debunks the “loophole” crap that the anti-rights folks are all up in arms about. Otherwise, for the government to require it would be unconstitutional.

In the “Permit to Purchase (Maximum 21 Points)” portion of the Brady Thought control process they simply require you to get a permit (I’m sure it would be a “May Issue” permit) in order to observe your God-given Right to keep and bear arms. This is in every way, with no exception, unconstitutional. Again, there are some things here that make sence on a moral level, but not something that would support unconstitutional legislation. I would always hope that people who observe their Constitutional Rights under the 2A would be respectful enough of themselves and others by training in the safe practices of using, maintaining, and respecting firearms, but to regulate it with laws would be unconstitutional. A license to possess a firearm… we’ve covered that. I don’t need one for other Rights given to me by God himself, so this one should be no different. I don’t need a 3+ day waiting period for my 2A rights either. This accomplishes nothing but to successfully waste gas, time, and other resources in an effort to use this as a slippery slope to subvert our rights. Permits for ammunition are no better and equally unconstitutional. Ammunition is an integral part of a firearm. To regulate one is to regulate the other. neither is acceptable as they are both unconstitutional. Fingerprinting is unconstitutional also unless you’ve broken the law to an extent that requires such a thing. My fingerprints belong to me and you can not have them for your records because I am purchasing and/or legally using something you don’t like. It is unconstitutional because you are forcing me to give you part of my person for something that is legal to do when you have no probable cause under the 6A. That would be… wait for it… unconstitutional. Involving law enforcement. As I have stated before, I am not doing anything illegal, so it’s none of their business. I am not committing a crime and therefore it is not within their area of expertise. To require this implies that I “Might” do something illegal and the last time I checked we do not live within the script of the Minority Report and that makes it, say it with me friends… unconstitutional.

 Ammunition Regulations (Maximum 2 Points)  

have been covered here also. They are part of a firearm and are subject to the same requirements under the 2A, which is to say the government and the anti-rights crowd should be required only to back off and leave our rights alone. To do anything else would be, and has been, unconstitutional.

Ban Assault Weapons (Maximum 10 Points)

Assault Weapons Ban (Maximum 5 Points)

Large Capacity Magazine Ban (Maximum 5 Points)

Do I really need to go into how the so-called assault weapons formula has no realistic, accurate, or functional bearing on any firearms argument what-so-ever? Do I need to post the “barrel shroud” video? Do we need to discuss how there is no difference in the ammunition capacity of a magazine when being used lawfully and how restricting it only further victimizing the law abiding citizen? I didn’t think so. 

Child Safety (Maximum 7 Points)

Child Safety Locks (Maximum 5 Points)

Child Access Prevention (Maximum 2 Points)

Again, this has been covered in the moral obligation for the safety and use of firearms. Moral, not legal. Do we really need to discuss how this would be otherwise unconstitutional?

Guns in Public Places and Local Control (Maximum 8 Points)

No Guns in Workplace (Maximum 2 Points)

No Guns on College Campuses (Maximum 2 Points)

A business does not have the right, and neither does the government, to infringe upon my constitutional rights because they don’t want me to have a gun on what is publicly accessible, yet privately owned property unless they are willing to accept complete responsibility for my safety and well being while traveling to their property, the duration that I am on their property, and the trip back home. Even then, they can not give me back my life should I lose it, so any other argument is pointless in the face of the Constitution. The same can be said about a college campus.

Not A CCW Shall Issue State (Maximum 2 Points)

Law enforcement discretion when issuing CCW permits is again, outside of their realm, and further a slippery slope designed to subvert our rights. Not wanting a “Shall Issue” law simply implies that “May Issue” is the liberal attempt to secretly subvert your rights because the discretion would be up to the police and the liberal left, which means you won’t get one unless you were a campaign contributor. Even then those idiots that made a substantial contribution are buying into subverting their own rights under the constitution when if they supported the conservative, then they could do the same thing for free. The definition of idiocy and… unconstitutional.

No State Preemption (Maximum 2 Points)

Local control of gun regulations creates inconsistency which results in uneven application of the law in the state and federal government. That, by definition is pure and simple racism that is reflective of the Jim Crow laws, which by the way, were declared unconstitutional.

Extra Credit/Demerit

Extra Credit (2 Points)

 Extra credit for subverting our Constitutional Rights? Are you really that stupid that you would broadcast that on the interwebs? If you didn’t notice, the police are charged with disarming those who are not allowed to have firearms because they are felons. If you think that your laws would cause a felon to register a gun so the law could come pick it up, then I can stop now and change “we are winning” to “we have won” because you logic is quite the opposite, which makes you a complete and blithering moron.


So we lose points (and become lesser in the eyes of the Anti… which I like) for not allowing doctors to ask about gun ownership and for not requiring a permit to carry and observe the 2A. Now those are two laws that I would encourage my representative to vote for. Why? Because those laws are CONSTITUTIONAL. They don’t violate anyone’s Rights. Imagine that.



On a separate issue, my post seems to have a bit of a mind of its own. There are some areas within this post that insist on being typed in Bold and I can’t convince it to do otherwise. Please accept my apologies for the strain on your eyes this may have caused.

I hope you have enjoyed the long read. It should compensate for my lack of recent posting.

Stay safe, carry your guns, use a holster, remember the four rules, never quit,


Disavowed With Honor

On Freedom and Individuality… Tuesday, Jan 24 2012 

Hockey Player Tim Thomas gets it!!!


Disavowed With Honor

Things that sound alike… Monday, Jan 23 2012 

Every time a politician or an anti-gun rights cultist speaks I always hear this.

Hat Tip to Uncle and


Disavowed With Honor

Criminal Matters of State: Fast and Furious Saturday, Jan 21 2012 

At this point, Fast and Furious should be called Slow and Down-Right-Pissed-Off. Patrick J. Cunningham will take the 5th Amendment and will not testify before House Oversight Committee. At least he hasn’t tried to throw the race card yet.

This may be a bit authoritarian, but I submit that no government official, concerning matters of state or the public interest, should be able to incite the 5th Amendment. It serves no purpose other than obfuscating the facts surrounding circumstances that are designed to subvert the Rights of the American people to include not only the Right to keep and bear arms, but the right to life as well.


Disavowed With Honor

Doing The Right Thing… Saturday, Jan 21 2012 

Some people have to be forced to do the right thing. Every now and then, there’s a cop out there who still performs when it counts. Sometimes, there’s a cop out there who believes that saving lives and making a difference is what it’s all about. Blood and Bone, Heart and Soul, a True Public Servant. Enter the bureaucrats… who had no interest in recognizing his heroics OR covering any compensation for medical expenses, if needed, until there was pressure from the media.

Some people only do the right thing when someone else is looking. = Bureaucrats.

Integrity (n.): Doing the right thing, even when no one else is looking. = Officer Barbagiovanni.


Disavowed With Honor

“Gun Death”… Saturday, Jan 21 2012 

Except it wasn’t a gun and no one died. I suppose the 4 golden rules should have been taken into account here.

Then again, maybe I should protest nail gun violence and fight for legislation for nail gun control. I’ve seen so many movies where nail guns were used to kill people and the Hollywood Hype has me thinking that nail guns were designed to kill, all the while being guised as a tool to help construction workers be more efficient. The construction workers will disagree with me and say it’s just a tool and I will call them racists and war mongers because they own nail guns and think it’s OK. Some even own more than one kind of nail gun that fire different kinds of nails! OMG!!! Unpossible!!! To think that anyone is safe with all of these people who are allowed to purchase nail guns without a background check, and person to person loophole sales of nail guns happen everyday. No doubt, nail guns are in the hands of criminals right now who are hiding nearby and waiting to take your virtue and your life. Then they can help themselves to your pocketbook and your children! But remember, it isn’t the criminal… they’ve just been dealt a bad hand. The NAIL GUN made them do it because nail guns are evil things that kill people. But EVERYONE has a Right to keep and bear nail guns don’t they? I think that nail guns should only be available to those who serve our communities and our country by helping to rebuild lives. For anyone else to have them would be unthinkable and only perpetuates a barbaric nature to kill instead of resolving our differences with pre-fab hugs.

I just capsulized the entire anti-rights movement in a short, hardly thought out paragraph for the idiocy that it truly represents. Sounds stupid doesn’t it?

Take that Joan Peterson.


Disavowed With Honor

SOPA Protest… Wednesday, Jan 18 2012 

Many web sites have temporarily gone dark in protest of SOPA and censorship.

To me… that is the same as censoring yourself for them.


Instead, I have chosen to post more today than I have any other day in the brief history of this blog. Censor that!

You’ve Successfully Missed the Point Wednesday, Jan 18 2012 

The Bible tells it’s readers to obey the law, and welcome strangers and foreigners. Some people confuse this by thinking this means to allow illegal immigrants to come to the US and it’s “just fine”. Guess they forgot the first part of that. You know… that little “Obey the law” part of it.

When illegal immigrants START obeying the law, for example, following the legal process to immigrate to the US… I will start welcoming them.

Unfortunately the Bible doesn’t say much about Obama nosing himself into state’s rights. Fortunately, the Constitution does. Unfortunately, Constitutional scholars are either wimps or communists.


Disavowed With Honor

I Like My Constituents Stoned… Wednesday, Jan 18 2012 

It’s the only way they’ll keep voting for me!!!

Yeah I am paraphrasing but I guess that’s the only argument that State Representative G.A. Hardaway – D can make.

But State Representative G.A. Hardaway said many of his constituents are upset about the bill which requires those who receive government welfare assistance to take and pass a drug test. “With all the crazy legislation that we produced over the last couple years, I’m sure that some people would love for us to be drug tested,” said the Memphis Democrat.

Yes I believe Memphis Democrats should be drug tested. Hardaway, you go first. Your comments are enough to prove to me that you are most certainly under the influence.


Disavowed With Honor


Proposed TN Insurance Law (Overkill) Wednesday, Jan 18 2012 

TN Legislation targets vehicle insurance dodgers.

Nevermind that not having insurance is a “non-moving” violation and is not probable cause to make a traffic stop. There are laws in place to punish those who drive without insurance. To top it off law enforcement officers “shall” issue a citation to those who can not provide proof of insurance.

So why do we need more laws to cover what has already been adequately covered? One word… Revenue.


Disavowed With Honor

Someone explain this to me… Wednesday, Jan 18 2012 

Why exactly is Pakistan our friend? Has anyone noticed the correlation between the US stabilizing the Middle East and the Middle East uniting against the US? I’m so glad we could empower them to the point that they have become a real and legitimate threat against the very same people who empowered them in the first place.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. Pakistan is NOT our friend because this is a job for someone else!


Disavowed With Honor

Casualty #1 Wednesday, Jan 4 2012 

I had a friend for 12 years who is a Metro/Nashville Police Officer. We’ll call him “Larry Hutchington”.I considered him to be trustworthy and dependable. He isn’t without his own faults and has had a bad time with a non-narcotic/non-alcoholic addiction. I stuck with him as a true friend should. I may not have always agreed with him, but sometimes that’s the whole point of friendship sometimes isn’t it? I chose to overlook some very small things that dance on that fine line between justice and, shall we say, ethically questionable. No we’re not talking about planting evidence or anything even close to that. We’re talking more along the lines of apprehending someone who, without provocation, fired upon citizens and police and they received some kind of non-violent hazing. Granted, I don’t agree with it and it isn’t something I would have allowed if I were there, but if that’s the worst thing he’s ever done to a gang banging thug who has no regard for innocent life then so be it. That’s between him and the thug.

Back in September, days before I started DWH, I had turned in my badge because I felt the combination of my ethics and Constitutional beliefs were not in good keeping with the law enforcement community. In short, I feel police training should spend more time teaching the Constitution and less time finding ways to circumvent and subvert it.

In those days between turning in my badge and starting this blog I discussed all of this with my family, wizardpc, and “Larry”, all at separate times. I explained to each of them that this is about my life and my beliefs and had no reflection on them in any way at all. My family was supportive and grateful that I would be taking a job with much less risk and also that I would be around more often instead of just being a provider to the family. When I discussed it with wizardpc he was supportive and said that kind of move took courage. He was glad to see my eyes had been opened a little more. A good friend to say the least.

“Larry Hutchington” on the other hand has decided that saying there are “some” unethical cops out there is an affront to him and his profession. He had to send me a text to explain that he can’t be my friend anymore unless I watch a couple of movies, instead of just telling me what the problem is about. In the last few days I have begun to realize many unfortunate things about “Larry” and I submit that voicing my beliefs has perhaps sparked a little guilt in him.

It’s unfortunate, I’ll miss a friend of 12 years. It was his decision. Too bad he was one of them after all.

Hat tip to those who endure standing up for their beliefs in the face of loss.


Disavowed With Honor

Who protects us from “yuckmouth”??? AND QOTD ;) Monday, Dec 26 2011 

Who is overly concerned about your general oral health? Who thinks that not only can cupcakes be the cause of cavities, but also could be some kind of gingivic weapon of mass destruction?

If you guessed the TSA then you are absolutely correct!!!

A cupcake was confiscated by the TSA for being a potential “security risk”.

The TSA agent didn’t know what to do with the cupcake, so she called over her supervisor, Hains said.

“The TSA supervisor, Robert Epps, was using really bad logic – he said it counted as a gel-like substance because it was conforming to the shape of its container.”

And as for the most recently reported victim of the TSA… she seems to understand the real and true concept of the TSA, which earns her the Quote of the Day:

“The TSA at Logan Airport said the cupcakes looked delicious and told us to have a great trip. But in Las Vegas, they were dangerous. They shouldn’t be delicious in one part of the country and a security threat in the other.”

She goes on to state the obvious about the fact that the TSA does nothing to protect anyone from anything. If you disagree, please note that it took a TSA Agent AND a TSA Supervisor to determine that a cupcake with creamy frosting is a security risk!!!

Yup… Christmas is over.


Disavowed With Honor



5th place victim… Tuesday, Dec 20 2011 

I was wondering…

How is it in this country that, according to the left, everyone is a victim AND everyone gets a trophy? Think about that for a minute. You are a winner and a victim!!??!! How does that work? Likely it is code for them to say, “You’re pathetic, and you’re doing a great job of it”!


Disavowed With Honor

Finally!!! Friday, Dec 16 2011 

Someone’s own personal light bulb in Congress came on, at least for a moment. The good news is we know it works. The bad news is there is probably only one that works at all, and it isn’t very often.

The really bad news is now my stockpile of incandescent bulbs is now worthless.


Disavowed With Honor

Irony… Saturday, Dec 3 2011 


Panetta laments growing Israeli ‘isolation’

Maybe it’s because you keep alienating them and supporting those who would see us destroyed?


Disavowed With Honor

Take that you pesky terrorist! Wait… Ummm… Saturday, Dec 3 2011 

That’s right, the TSA is at it again for the holiday rush with their high-jinx and tom foolery. But remember they’re here for your protection, safety, security, and the occasional molestation and sexual battery of a helpless 85 year old woman OR detaining a pregnant teen because she has a gun…wait for it… design on her purse.

In both cases each person missed their flight and the elderly woman was injured.

Lenore Zimmerman said she was taken to a private room and made to take off her pants and other clothes after she asked to forgo the screening because she worried it would interfere with her defibrillator. She missed her flight and had to take one 2 1/2 hours later, she said.

So now they’re strip searching because she’s an obvious threat. If it’s in policy they’re not admitting it. Either way, it isn’t recorded. God forbid we saw granny’s Constitutional Rights being subverted and have video documentation of it. Very convenient that there are security cameras everywhere EXCEPT in the Private Screening Room, where she was detained for 11 minutes.

As a result, she said, she was taken into the private screening room by one agent and made to strip.

A review of closed-circuit television at the airport showed proper procedures were followed [outside of the private screening room where the rapists know there are cameras], Jonathan Allen, a TSA spokesman, said in a statement.

“Private screening was requested by the passenger, it was granted and lasted approximately 11 minutes,” the statement read. “TSA screening procedures are conducted in a manner designed to treat all passengers with dignity, respect and courtesy and that occurred in this instance.”

The private screening was not recorded.

To which the TSA can only release a statement that says:

“While we regret that the passenger feels she had an unpleasant screening experience, TSA does not include strip searches as part of our security protocols and one was not conducted in this case,” the statement read.

And you know a strip search was not conducted how? Because another TSA Brown Shirt “told” you it didn’t happen. Since you guys don’t even qualify as security guards, I’m certain you are well-trained at conducting internal investigations. I am absolutely convinced that you won’t conduct a biased investigation. If you haven’t guessed, you should be drowning in my sarcasm riiiiiiiiiiiight…….abooooouuuuut………NOW!

The pregnant teen hears this:

“She was like, ‘This is a federal offense because it’s in the shape of a gun,'” Gibbs said. “I’m like, ‘But it’s a design on a purse. How is it a federal offense?'”

Having an object that is shaped like a gun, or in this case… the left half of a gun, and a whole 4 inches long, is in NO WAY a federal offense. So now we’re letting people on the “I think I am a top cop”, barely graduated high school, have never heard of common sence, jack booted, brown shirted, Hitler youth determine what the law is and how to enforce it?

After TSA agents figured out the gun was a fake, Gibbs said, they told her to check the bag or turn it over. By the time security wrapped up the inspection, the pregnant teen missed her flight, and Southwest Airlines sent her to Orlando instead. The changed itinerary created no small amount of anxiety for Gibbs’ mother, who was already waiting for her to arrive at the Jacksonville airport.

So now you must comply because they don’t like the way something “looks” because we all know a purse can just scare the crap out of anyone and this one might even jump up on its own and shoot someone in the ass with a rhinestone or something.

Constitutional Violations that apply to the above victims include (but are not limited to):

1st Amendment: The teen’s freedom of expression in a peaceable manner was subverted.

2nd Amendment: Only terrorists don’t get caught with weapons and through subversion we are left unable to reasonably defend our right to life.

4th Amendment: There is no probable cause to justify a search or seizure of either of these ladies, not to mention 98% of the other people who get groped for no reason.

Let’s not forget the other criminal offenses that apply to these not-so-random searches, violations, and subversions.

From now on, IF I have no choice but to go to an airport and fly somewhere, I’m eating Chilli with Tobasco Sauce, Jalapeno Chips, and drinking it with a lot of coffee. Then I’ll eat a whole pack of Chicklets from an MRE!

Next person come through please…. (neener, neener, neener).


Disavowed With Honor


Quote Of The Day Sunday, Nov 20 2011 

So my first QOTD should be big and I found the perfect candidate. SaysUncle, this is for you:

Or Uncle does a flame-bait post just before stepping away from the internets.

Look, I like you people. I really do. But you say some really dumb things some times. Or at least things you’ve not thought through. I do it too. There are only about two handfuls of people whose opinions on guns I take seriously. Odds are, you’re not one of them. Too many years reading arfcom, I guess. This is not a complete list.

See, you tell me things like In a gun fight, having a laser or light on your gun is going to give away your position. I’m not a tacticool operator covertly operating in operations in some place ending in -stan. So if I’m in a gun fight, I’m not worried about giving away my position because I’m in a fucking gun fight. On the off chance I’m in a gun fight, my enemies will know my position since it will be the place the bullets are coming from.

Guns break. Guns malfunction. It’s how it is. I have had malfunctions out of every gun I own except one. And that is the M&P9. It’s only not malfunctioned because I haven’t shot it enough. I will note that after many thousands of rounds, I can no longer say my Glock 30 hasn’t had any malfunctions. Had it’s first in August when it struck a primer too light. It was when I had a visitor.

And stop about magazine springs and keeping them loaded. Compression cycles do more to damage springs than keeping them compressed. I’ve never had a magazine that I’ve stored loaded go Tango Uniform because the spring wore out. I view magazines as perishable/disposable items anyway. And springs are cheap. If it makes you feel better, buy springs in bulk and change them every couple years.

I know pocket carry sucks. But it’s how you carry a gun when you can’t carry a gun.

Unless you’re willing to shoot yourself to prove the point, please stop telling me the 9mm/.380/5.56/40/SacredCow sucks. I don’t want to get shot with any of them. And you don’t either. We carry handguns because they’re easier to lug around than something effective at stopping people, like rifles or pet rhinos.

Guns are personal things. And I’m happy you like your 1911/Glock/Sig/S&W. But that doesn’t mean my 1911/Glock/Sig/S&W sucks. If you want to say one is better, great. But realize it’s likely preference that decides what you carry anyway.

Despite the last paragraph, some guns do actually suck. And despite what you read in a magazine that gets ad revenue, not every gun is the greatest thing ever.

Yeah, I know a silencer doesn’t completely silence a gun. But the guy who invented the things called them silencers. He gets dibs. And you don’t.

No matter how awesome you tell me gun classes with “Big Boy” rules are, I’ll never set foot in one. I like to start and end days with the same number of holes in me as I started with.

No, I don’t really think there’s going to come a time when we have to go into the woods with our guns and gear and MREs and fight zombies. But anyone who didn’t learn a thing or two from Katrina won’t be ready when a flood hits. This whole zombie apocalypse, face-eating monkeys, robot Joe Biden army nonsense is a euphemism for general preparedness. And if you’re ready for the zombie apocalypse, a hurricane is just a storm.

And I don’t mean you, I mean the other guy.

Happy Friday.

Update: Oh and, thank you, I know my proofreading sucks. Because I don’t do any.

Thankfully there is someone (among many) who is willing to set aside the Internal Politics of Gun Owners and speak with some sence. Too many have forgotten that “Their Way” is not “THE Way”. It is merely “A WAY”.

Thanks and respects to Uncle,

Disavowed With Honor

Remember: Pakistan is our friend Friday, Nov 18 2011 

So let’s take a look at why Pakistan is our friend:

1.) They housed Bin Laden a stones throw away from their military academy, yet somehow didn’t know he was there.

2.) Constant Conventional and Nuclear proliferation. over a piece of land named after a fabric.

3.) And now this. What? Not such a big deal? Not until you realize that controlling language is how you control thought. It takes time, and persistence, but I bet a Muslim theocratic society can speed things up what with stonings, killings, and the like. That oughta whip all those pesky people with their own ideas into shape. No atrocity here, move along, move along. These aren’t the non-Muslims we’re looking for. One commenter in the comments section of the yahoo article said it best… “You’ll get into trouble for looking at boobs on your phone, but it’s OK to use a phone to set off a bomb?”


Disavowed With Honor


The guilty face of Occupy Pick A City Friday, Nov 18 2011 

As Yahoo says, Occupy Wall Street finally gets a face – and it’s bloody! That’s right, these entitled commies have picked their “face” to represent their movement and I’m all for it. I’m energized! I’m in awe! It’s perfect! It’s BEAUTIFUL!!! No, I haven’t even come close to switching sides, I have far too much sence for that. Here’s why I’m soooooo happy about their choice of the face to represent the 99% (which equals about 10%-15% in real math).

During a demonstration in Lower Manhattan, 20-year-old Brandon Watts of Philadelphia grabbed a police officer’s hat and was subsequently tackled and arrested, sustaining a gash to his forehead. Watts’ bloody face appeared on the cover of the Daily News and Metro newspapers on Friday. (Interestingly, the New York Post went with the Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore for its Friday front page; the New York Times featured an A1 photo of the protests above the fold, but no blood.)

Before grabbing the hat, Watts allegedly threw an AAA battery at officers who had set up a barricade. According to the Daily News, he was charged with assault and grand larceny after receiving medical treatment at Bellevue Hospital.

According to the paper, it was Watts’ fourth arrest since the protests began in September.

That is so great! You idiots have chosen someone who assaults police officers and obviously, in no way, understands what a peaceful protest is and is therefore waaaaaaaaay outside of the First Amendment. You have your representative. He has proven his disregard for his safety as well as the safety of others. He has proven that he has no desire to follow the law in order to accomplish his goals. He has proven that he is willing to cause harm to others for no reason other than he perceives that his views are different from theirs. As is typical for the left, they hate guns but somehow they seem to be the ones who resort to violence when they can’t put forth a valid argument. This, of course, is why we shouldn’t have guns because we wouldn’t be able to resist them as effectively. But I digress… This idiot has been chosen as the face of their movement… and I agree completely. It is representative of the lawlessness, chaos, anti-rights, anti-capitalism, and anti-Semitic views that have NEVER BEEN SEEN AT A TEA PARTY gathering even once!

You keep trudging right along and keep validating my Christian, Constitutional, Conservative position, bless your little hearts.


NOTE: While some news sources chose to write about Ashton and Demi, I don’t blame them one bit. No doubt it’s more entertaining and I bet even the pictures smell better.

Disavowed With Honor

Bad cops…. No Doughnuts!!! Sunday, Nov 13 2011 

So this is not the way to deal with wrong cops. Unfortunately, this happens far more often than people think. Instead of doing what needs to be done like fire them and prosecute them, the just transfer them to another division. I saw far more than I would care to admit how a police officer would do something wrong and instead of being fired he/she would be offered the chance to resign. Then the officer would run off and get hired at another department, thus becoming their problem. Oh yeah, and a problem to the citizens in the new town as well. The above report states they were transferred to the jails (unfortunately the wrong side of them), so they could be a problem there. Annnnnnnnnnnnnd they were. The report says there were problems with the new jail staff. So they’re criminals and they deserve to be there. So they’re criminals and don’t deserve some of the things they have available to them while incarcerated. BUT they’re criminals who still have certain rights under the Constitution.

When is the law enforcement community going to realize that they are perpetuating the problem. They hire just as many bad cops as the send out after giving them the opportunity to resign. Fire them, thus eliminating the possibility of taking these problems to another department and to other citizens. If it’s bad enough then prosecute them.

How in God Almighty’s Name can we expect a police department to try to clean up our streets when they can not even clean up their own rank and file?

All the more reason to focus on protecting myself and my own instead of depending on them. “Protect and Serve” really means “Cover My Ass and Serve My own Interests”.

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