I had a friend for 12 years who is a┬áMetro/Nashville Police Officer. We’ll call him “Larry Hutchington”.I considered him to be trustworthy and dependable. He isn’t without his own faults and has had a bad time with a non-narcotic/non-alcoholic addiction. I stuck with him as a true friend should. I may not have always agreed with him, but sometimes that’s the whole point of friendship sometimes isn’t it? I chose to overlook some very small things that dance on that fine line between justice and, shall we say, ethically questionable. No we’re not talking about planting evidence or anything even close to that. We’re talking more along the lines of apprehending someone who, without provocation, fired upon citizens and police and they received some kind of non-violent hazing. Granted, I don’t agree with it and it isn’t something I would have allowed if I were there, but if that’s the worst thing he’s ever done to a gang banging thug who has no regard for innocent life then so be it. That’s between him and the thug.

Back in September, days before I started DWH, I had turned in my badge because I felt the combination of my ethics and Constitutional beliefs were not in good keeping with the law enforcement community. In short, I feel police training should spend more time teaching the Constitution and less time finding ways to circumvent and subvert it.

In those days between turning in my badge and starting this blog I discussed all of this with my family, wizardpc, and “Larry”, all at separate times. I explained to each of them that this is about my life and my beliefs and had no reflection on them in any way at all. My family was supportive and grateful that I would be taking a job with much less risk and also that I would be around more often instead of just being a provider to the family. When I discussed it with wizardpc he was supportive and said that kind of move took courage. He was glad to see my eyes had been opened a little more. A good friend to say the least.

“Larry Hutchington” on the other hand has decided that saying there are “some” unethical cops out there is an affront to him and his profession. He had to send me a text to explain that he can’t be my friend anymore unless I watch a couple of movies, instead of just telling me what the problem is about. In the last few days I have begun to realize many unfortunate things about “Larry” and I submit that voicing my beliefs has perhaps sparked a little guilt in him.

It’s unfortunate, I’ll miss a friend of 12 years. It was his decision. Too bad he was one of them after all.

Hat tip to those who endure standing up for their beliefs in the face of loss.


Disavowed With Honor